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To fully serve our stockholders by providing fair, equitable and just returns as well as loyalty and dedication to our responsibilities.

To provide our policyholders and various stockholders with peace of mind by providing excellent products and services and assurance of stability and longevity.

To provide our employees with deep sense of strength, integrity and belongingness that ensure support in all aspects of life.

To contribute to our nation’s advancement, development and progress by making life insurance accessible to as many Filipinos as possible.


We are the largest wholly Filipino owned Life Insurance Company.

We are professionals dedicated to provide and deliver affordable and highly dependable life insurance products and services.

We are fully committed to serve and protect the needs of our customers with the highest standards of service and integrity.

We are determined to provide fair returns to our stockholders and open opportunities for professional growth and personal progress to our employees and sales people by providing and environment that encourages professionalism and teamwork and rewards competence and excellence.

We shall contribute to the development and progress of our country and people by making life insurance accessible to as many Filipinos as possible.

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